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AliH5 (10)

I spent hours working on this project this is my first 700+ lines python project (originaly this was 1000+ but a lot of it was very buggy so i remove it). I made this for my school but I am not confident enough to share this

also can someone suggest a better color scheme.
I am still adding more features to this.
sry for the random comments I made this in Jupyter then converted to python.

Whippingdot (573)

Good job, but I think the main reason for the 'many lines' is because of the many prints...Pretty simple i would say...

helloyanis (11)

Very cool! Maybe add something like, when the reply is invalid it asks the question again instead of going to the next one. Besides, really cool!

AliH5 (10)

@helloyanis thanks for the idea, will definitely try