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Quicken Editor
Coder100 (17560)

Quicken Editor

I forgot to post :(

Well anyways, here's the Quicken Code Editor (formerly called CookeyLang)! It contains [email protected] with extra bug fixes and features.


  • Contains friendly errors with a customizable editor!
  • Click to go to an error line
  • Autocomplete
  • Autosave
  • Beautiful Design from Codemonkey51 and I (we bootstrapped from water.css!)

btw hit ctrl + k enter to run the code




Have a great day! Happy coding!

BobTheTomatoPie (3368)

man it is hard to run the code, you should add a button that says run on it. Like, every frickin time i press ctrl + k it enters a k and gives me an error. But besides that i like the smooth writing effect. great job mate.

Coder100 (17560)

@BobTheTomatoPie thanks :D
Alright, I'll add a run button xd

xxpertHacker (926)

Why Ctrl + k enter? How about just Ctrl + Enter?

Whippingdot (621)

My favorite of the submissions, but can you please allow other langs. not just your own lang which is basically lots of langs put together

Coder100 (17560)

Yeah sure, but like this was a jam submission and that means I could only choose one language, and why not choose the language you already know top to bottom? @Whippingdot

Whippingdot (621)

Yeet, now I am asking though. Can you do it now bro @Coder100

badst (643)

The cursor is so smooth, nice ^^

RayhanADev (2077)

I LOVE THIS EDITOR! (Can you maybe make a themes option?)

Coder100 (17560)

Thanks!! :DD
Sure, I will, after I win after the judging is over or else me get disqualified @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (2077)

@Coder100 hahahhaha don’t worry, you have a chance at winning because I can’t submit

programmeruser (591)

Nice, can it actually run Quicken code?
Click Here

Coder100 (17560)

lol yeah, its real quiken code @programmeruser

Coder100 (17560)

I even bundled with webpack @programmeruser

ObiVibKenobi (171)

This is cool. The options don’t work for me either, but I’m on iPad which is pretty much Mac. I think it works lol. Great job, now i can say that i know 3 back end languages!

Coder100 (17560)

@ObiVibKenobi :DD
cookey is a general-purpose language, just not implemented to frontend yet lol

fuzzyastrocat (1679)

Nice... though why use monaco when you could write it by hand? :D
(Also none of the running options work for me except F5... probably because of Mac incompatibility?)

Coder100 (17560)

@fuzzyastrocat lol I was trying to learn monaco xd

hmmm the options should have mac support, but ig thats why i added the failsafe lol