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Quick game I made
fgarry25 (106)

Here is a quick game I made inspired by The Stanley Parable!
Check it out

willDawg (3)

How long did this take you?

fgarry25 (106)

@willDawg it took me a week and a bit to fully complete it

BobDog (2)

neat! forgets about it

JonathanGreensh (3)

Please fix the spelling and grammar.

zoedakis (2)

this game is so adorable and friendly! I love it!

AlexanderTarn (288)

How was the snake game made so short yet so better than mine

thejoeman24 (31)

nice code!
I really liked the snake and the picture

yahyazkh (4)

well that made me smile thanks..great effort tho

17maggsp (1)

this was hilarious

Andi_Chin (220)

how did you update the screen seamlessly? ie: without lagging

fgarry25 (106)

@Andi_Chin I just used basic input and labelled it ok, If I remade it I would label the code better!

TapDot33 (1)

This is amazing. It's very enjoyable!

diego3v4 (1)

Had some fun with this. Very basic but another way to be entertained.

fgarry25 (106)

@diego3v4 that's really nice, thanks

JustinPhillip (20)

It's neat, ight imma go forget about this forever \s

fgarry25 (106)

@JustinPhillip How I feel about lots of games lol

DiputS (1)

damn it, harry

fgarry25 (106)

@DiputS It is damn harry again

Luciel707 (1)

That was really cool ^^

taylordhill (4)

man, i wouldn't call this a quick game, good job !

fgarry25 (106)

@taylordhill thanks for a good job :)

ShadedFlame (29)

Wow, taking forever to load. Must be huge.