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Quick and Dirty Podcast Feed Downloader
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has Hacker Plan

Trying to figure out how to download multiple podcast episodes at a time from the browser turned into this little quick and dirty podcast feed downloader web-app.

Put a podcast RSS feed URL in the input box, click Get Feed, and a list of all the episodes appears. Click on any episode to immediately start playing it, right click and download the MP3. Change the theme of the web-app by selecting a Bulma Swatch theme from the select menu in the navigation.

Vanilla CSS, HTML, and Javascript with some-what minimal dependencies on the NodeJS side.

Sadly I couldn't ever figure out how to download multiple episodes at a time, maybe one day...

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I also took care of solving this issue some time ago, because the more I began to communicate with different people, and business partners, the more I have to control my speech, think about what to wear for professional headshots, and also how to communicate with clients correctly. The good news is that it's pretty easy to find information now.

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I want to find cool podcasts or articles about business, business communication and so on. My business is expanding, and I want to look solid so that my partners do not doubt my competence.