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Quantum algorithms for forecast
VadimChernov (0)

First of all, having possibility of quantum foresight of future events in any field, including medicine, we are faced with global problem of choosing between 2 ways of human development - 1. closed forecasting, when leaders of Chinese Communist Party located in London, for example, are engaged in forecasting. 2. when everyone knows about future and everyone agrees on choice of development. Way 1 is totalitarianism, Way 2 is communism in understanding of Karl Marx, achieved by evolutionary means through mathematics and physics, foundations of which were shown in works on dialectical materialism. Medicine and drugs are only fraction of possibilities. And if we have these formulas, these formulas also exist for left (right, depending on which side you look at) socialists in China and Russia.
We don't need socialism. We have already reached ideals of communism according to Marx, when every person has equal rights and opportunities. When everyone has access to means of production. But everyone will work for prosperity of mankind, otherwise everyone will see who are those who do not work and will remove them away from themselves. Crime will be forgotten, because it is impossible to be criminal where everyone sees that crime will be committed even before it is committed.