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Python Requests Analyzer

Python Request Analyzer is a program that allows you to make an HTTP GET or POST request to a server or network of your choosing. It then sends you the data it retrieves from the request, such as the method, status code, and HTML.

How to use it

The program will ask you to enter a number, either 0 (for GET, or 1 for POST), and to enter a URL or IP address. Based on your inputs, the program will return a table with data the program collected from the response.


Please do not use this tool to DDoS a website, server, network or device. This tool is intended not to be used with malicious intent. If you use this program with malicious intent, I am not responsible for any of the repercussions of your actions. Therefore, if you use this program to do anything illegal, the actions you take are uncoerced and of your own volition. That said, please enjoy the project!


Sorry for the bad interface, the tabulate module is really tricky.