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(Python) Map Generator AI
Stanlyhalo (22)

Please read the read me.txt before starting.

Stanlyhalo (22)

I'm going to delete this post once the api is uploaded and I'm able to acually instead make this playable

Stanlyhalo (22)

IMPORTANT: Read the read me.txt, because the api will be place in, but before I had it here, but than tried moving it to my website and have the script grab it from their, now it'll be placed here again.

themaka (190)

Hello Stanlyhalo!

Neat idea -- I'd love to see an example room.

Maybe later you could add functionality that lets people input values for width, length, etc?


Stanlyhalo (22)

@themaka It worked, just trying to instead make the api their, make the script grab the api from a different website where I can place my awesome apis their.