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Python Dungeon Game v1 🤺
InvisibleOne (2934)

This is a little project that I've been working on. It works pretty well and I've fixed most of the bugs. This is just a basic game as an example but I'm working on a more complicated RPG version myself.
The only thing I have left to do is make a map creator, since currently making and adding maps to the program is annoying and very manual, with you having to put in each door location in the maps and such.
Feel free to fork this and use it however you want!

InvisibleOne (2934)

Uh oh... I will have to take a look into that @SilvermoonCat

DynamicSquid (4893)

Nice! I moved it to Share tho since it's an entire game on its own :)

InvisibleOne (2934)

Thanks, also congats one 1900 cycles, you'll have more then me soon if you keep it up! @ch1ck3n

ch1ck3n (2030)

@InvisibleOne thanks

i dont even know how I get so much
i mean I got like 1k in 2-3 months
InvisibleOne (2934)

I got 1k in like two weeks after I posted that stupid defuse the bomb thing, a bunch of people mass upvoted all of my comments after that, it was really annoying because then people think I'm cycle farming or something. @ch1ck3n