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Python : Code

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olympic_boxers = ['Mary Kom','Nicola Adams','Claressa Sheilds',
'Marlen Esparza','Natasha Jonas','Ren Cancan',
'Savannah Marshall','Mary Spencer']

Create a Round of 4 Random Matches between the Boxers. An example has been provided below.
Points to Note:
The boxer names should not be repeated.
All 8 boxers should have a Match.

Output Example:

Summer Olympics - Boxing

Mary Kom vs Ren Cancan
Nicola Adams vs Claressa Sheilds
Natasha Jonas vs Marlen Esparza
Mary Spencer vs Savannah Marshall

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To avoid doubles you can remove the names from the list.
First get them in a random order, then pop (get and remove) the names.

random.shuffle(names) b1 = names.pop(0) # get & remove first name b2 = names.pop(0) print(f"{b1} vs {b2}") print(names)

Output if the names were not shuffled:

boxer1 vs boxer2 ["boxer3", "boxer4", "boxer5", "boxer6", "boxer7", "boxer8"]
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I moved your post to the Share board, which is for sharing code.

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Dont understand it bro