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Python Clicker/Idle game.
EldonWilliams (1)

Today is the last day of school (for me). We just got to watch a movie but instead I decided to code a game. I've always loved Idle/Clicker games so I coded one. This is my school account.

So to play the game.
You start out with nothing and you can get get a coin by either hiting enter or typing c (and hiting enter). Once you hit 100 coins you unlock the shop. Once you hit 1mil you unlock resets.
Every time you reset the cost to do so again doubles.

Here is the play link!

fishers14 (9)

@JackBrown4 If only I could do that. I have to wait like 2 sec when it shows that I have pressed enter. pretty annoying. :-(

fishers14 (9)

@JackBrown4 Although i can do a speed run where I press Enter 10 times per second