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Pyight (pie - ie-te) - Python Fighting Game

🤛 Pyight

⚡ What are Sides in Pyight?

We have a side system, choose whatever team you want. I developed this because I wanted it to be like Starwars. So, now we have teams!

📦 How do I install this?

Note for educational purposes only: You do not have to install this. Because I developed it and it can only be used for this

Note for people who wants to use this: To install you must use Seasons instead of brew, or bash.

This is how you install the Pyight Game:

What It will return is this below, you can skip by typing _s

🔥 What is this about?

This game is for fighting, winning, and competing against an AI opponent. This game was developed to compete against other replit's related to fighting.

🚀 What Side is winning?

Well, currently. No side is winning. But we're automating the results with Reindash so it'll be fresh and up to date!

🛑 Which side are YOU on?