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Pygame: Fruit Ninja

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You ever played Fruit Ninja? well this is sorta that!

WARNING the collision detection isn't perfect! aim for the center of the "fruit" because it uses two diagonal lines for collision

Try to hit the colorful "fruit"
if you hit 3 or more in a row you can combo them for double the points!

try to avoid the black bombs
they count for -10 score and will end combos not giving you the bonus combo points

try to get as high of a score as you can in 90 seconds!

(if you haven't played Fruit Ninja before, click and drag to swipe at the fruit)

this is my first complete pygame project. Hope you enjoy

Have a nice day!
edit: I improved the collision but its inefficient... don't even get me started on what I went through to get even that crappy system.
also added arcade, classic, and a menu.

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