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PyPyPI - A wrapper for pip and pypi packager
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PyPyPI is currently not on PyPi, because it's quite small and has very little purpose for non-replit users.


Fork the repl


There are two classes:

Install() and Packaging().

Packaging will help create directories and perform the creation of templates for multiple pypi package files.

Install will become very handy for replit users, because it has an install_save() function. When using this function, you can save modules into folders for permanent use, instead of starting up a repl and having to install them.

Example Uses

from pip import Install installer = Install(os_name='posix') installer.install_save(['selenium'], '/home/runner/projectname/imported_modules') # You should have a folder named whatever you would like to save the files in before initiating the installer.

That's how to install and save an imported module.

from package import Packaging packager = Packaging('example_package', '/home/runner/example_package') packager.Package_Format() # Makes pypi template directory packager.README_Template(requirements='selenium==1.0.0') packager.SetupPY_Template()

That's how to create a basic pypi package template.

If there are any mistakes, feel free to comment them and make the module better for users
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