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PyChips - The easiest language to learn

About Chips

PyChips is a dynamicallly typed language.
It can be used to create simple programs and UI(s) with the UI_Print Framework (Using tkinter).
It also implemented:

  • Basic math operators(+, -, *, /, ^)
  • Variables (Integers, String, Boolean(basically 0 and 1), Lists(arrays))
  • If expressions
  • Loops (For and while)
  • Built in Functions(print(greet() also works), UI_Print, input(ask() also works), input_int(ask_num() also works), etc. You can check the source code and look for the BuiltinFunctions class)
  • Custom Functions
  • Multiline Support
  • Syntax without ;
  • File Reading
  • Comments
  • Return
  • Comparisons
    And so much more

UPDATE NOTE: greet(), ask(), check functions were added for beginners

Chips - The easiest language you can learmn

This Language Was Created By @SarangPark

New libraries will be developed by @DarkShardGamer

We used help from CodePulse's tutorials to create this language.
This project was also imported from my(From Sarang0218 account) old gitHub repo; This is an upgraded version of Sarang, which is one of my programming language which I created.
During this Hackathon, we added Functions, Builtin Functions, Multiline support, and loops to our old language.
The project was renamed to chips because I liked potato chips.
We also learned a LOT from the Crafting Interpreters book.


variables: value a = 10
if expressions: if a == 10 then print("wow") end
functions: func wow(a, b) -> a + b end
Built in functions are in

Documentation by @SarangPark


Hello. This jam required you to submit a team repl. Might I enquire as to why you did not provide a team repl and a personal repl instead?


@TheDrone7 I didn't know how to submit a team repl, so I copied the repl from my team and posted it here.


@SarangPark you only need to paste a link to your team repl in the post description. Please edit the post and update the description with the link to your team repl.