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PyChat - Easy to use chatroom
ParrotDev (23)

My first post. Wow!

Well, this is PyChat. It is a very simple chatroom that has logins, multiple pages, and saving messages!

How to use
1. Start the script.
2. Type 2 to sign-up
3. Choose a username and password
4. Type 1 for login
5. Type your username and password
6. Chat!


  • This was from a chatroom template by @JBloves27 (sorry for ping, but I wanted to give you credit) and I spiced it up a bit!
  • Don't share your login. Other people can then login as you.
  • If you want semi-fullscreen, click here

Future Updates

  • More colors!
  • Better look


  • JBloves27 for template
  • @Thecrowbar1234 for his post on Python colors (again, sorry for ping but I wanted to give you credit plus it helped a lot)

Good luck, and happy chatting :)

JBloves27 (1905)

Nicee! Np, thanks for mention!

Whippingdot (681)

haven't tried it but from the txt file I think it is good

VishnuKappagant (1)

how does dis work? LUL

ParrotDev (23)

@VishnuKappagant When it asks it for your message it writes it to a .txt file then prints it along with all the other messages.

DeadWither (1)

Hey, I can hack this! I can basically go to anyone's login. Everyone's password can be seen by me! The database is weak. If you don't believe me, make an user account and tell me your username! I will tell your password!

DeadWither (1)

@DeadWither I can also change your password or delete your account!

ParrotDev (23)

@DeadWither Gee, thanks for telling everyone and ruining the whole point of the project.