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Pure JS Sticky Notes!
angrydoge (481)


This is something I was messing around with earlier today and thought i'd share.

It's a small project, and not perfect so pls no get mad :(

Basically, sticky notes! You can drag it around, resize it, and of course write in it! You can't remove it tho.
I tried to make it so you could but i'm bad at javascript.

Okay hope you like!


DynamicSquid (4916)

Ooh, nice! Is there a way to create a new squidy note?

DynamicSquid (4916)

@angrydoge Ah sorry I meant sticky note

angrydoge (481)

lol no, but let me add that @DynamicSquid

angrydoge (481)

Um I tried to make it, but it failed lol @DynamicSquid