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Prototype Open World point and click adventure game. (#Kajam2021)
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No, this isn't apps, but it won't let me because edu account or something.

Also note that since this is a prototype it is incomplete, but here is my game thing for the jam. Pretty much to make it larger, I would need to just copy paste my existing stuff, and alter it, but I'm out of time.

It is a point and click, so you point at things and click.
Click the ground to move to that spot on the ground.
m - shortcut for map
enter - start cutscene
s - skip the cutscene

You can talk to a whopping 2 people, and visit 3 locations. I tried to make it as hug- Big as possible, planning out the locations ahead of time and where items were at.

Why is this so incomplete?
Because I was dumb to think I can make a hug- Titanic open world game in 1 week, even if the locations are just pictures drawn in MSPaint. The majority of the time went towards building the framework. (I didn't have conversations or the fort and crags until today.)

So even though it's a broken mess, I figured I should still share it if anyone was interested. I am pretty sure I will finish it eventually, but this is what I was able to accomplish during the challenge. Hope you have fun! (In the little there is to explore...)

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