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Prototron - A First Person Shooter with Combat, Physics, and More.
LeviathanCoding (1601)

With your trusty stash of weapons in hand, blast your way through ten levels whether by plain parkour, your sniper skills, or both.

There are two types of enemies, both extremely dangerous and powerful. Watch every corner or get killed!!

I hope you enjoy this super-fast first person shooter. Be sure to upvote the post if you like it!!

How to Play

WASD to move, ENTER to switch weapons. Make sure you kill all enemies or you won't be able to enter the portal.

Important Message - Please Read

I won't respond to any posts that say "How do I play" or "level 5 is impossible". If you are desperate to contact me, please do it through Discord at LeviathanProgramming#2139 or go to my website ( and contact me through email.

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What are you waiting for?? Go play this in fullscreen!!

Whippingdot (675)

Hey, good job! I have a few problems which will make me not upvote though - first, I keep on falling off the platform because the walls are not built properly. It is REALLY confusing. Second, the sensitivity is really high and so at times I don't know which direction is the right direction. I move my mouse a little bit which in turn moves me 360 degrees. You need to fix that. Finally, I don't know when the enemy dies, as mostly when i am shooting them I fall into a wall and can't see the enemy. When i come out I don't see the enemy anymore and that is the only indication that he died. Maybe add an audio when he dies and add background music which you can mute and unmute.

EDIT: Also in the second level many times I find myself on top of the whole map glitched. This is a very irritating glitch.

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@Whippingdot , I'll fix that. Also, thanks for the feedback btw. Make sure you are playing this in fullscreen (at least 1200x600 pixels) and it should work perfectly.

Bunnytoes (165)

@LeviathanCoding I was playing it and along with the issues that @whippingdot found I can't kill an enemy they just come at you and you have to run past them

Whippingdot (675)

That is a glitch on your side, sadly @Bunnytoes

Bunnytoes (165)

@Whippingdot how? I have tried like 50 times

NathanTodd2 (18)

@Bunnytoes hold down left click for a long time and the hp bar will very slowly go down.

EpicRaisin (264)

@Whippingdot @LeviathanCoding also the camera is weird :|
its like offset from the player


@Whippingdot wow I've never seen u write such a long comment, but yuh i have same problems


@Bunnytoes i cant kill either :(

Whippingdot (675)

you thought i didn't have the ability to write such a long message... @TheC0derGirl

Bunnytoes (165)

@TheC0derGirl hold done the left mouse that worked for me

tussiez (1676)

@Whippingdot Same here, I keep looking through walls


@Bunnytoes ok thx

IGamer123 (80)

I had a glitch where I could see through walls and go through them @Whippingdot

Whippingdot (675)

@tussiez & @IGamer123 sry I didn't reply I was/am on vacation. Welp, I am still checking my notifs but I don't reply. Anyway ya, I think everyone gets that glitch, but it only happens on a few select walls. I think it's up to @LeviathanCoding if he wants to fix the glitches or be lazy and not.

IGamer123 (80)

I just sent the comment to you like 15 min ago... @Whippingdot

Whippingdot (675)

I was telling @tussiez sorry for not replying. I know you replied like a few minutes ago @IGamer123

LilKid7129 (50)

@LeviathanCoding no wonder i also fall of the platform and i can walk thought all the walls.

LilKid7129 (50)

@Whippingdot u mean a very very very long not message but suggestion xD

Blackout4344 (37)

I agree, the walls need to be a bit more solid, whenever i move my mouse I dont know where I [email protected]

TheInventor999 (0)

@Blackout4344 I also belive that the walls need to be more solied and that I belive that when you revive, you should appear at the right direction

LaneMartin (108)

WAIT HOLD UP. There is the lore behind this?

So first, you joined the USA Space Force and were deployed to fight the aliens in the war ground (Calamity RPG). Next, you were teleported using the portal to the Saudi Arabia space center, and then you landed on Orbitron 3 to build a base. After you went to Cytotron X, you and your squad split up to raid the alien's HQ.

So, yeah, this is only for rn tho but this is what I dink.

JWZ6 (711)

@LaneMartin ACTUALLY makes sense noice

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@LaneMartin , ah, The orbitron series, calamity, and this can be connected!!
You genius!! That is a great idea.

RayhanADev (2606)


Like dude how do you make these games, by yourself, in less than a week of each other 0.0

Baconman321 (1103)

@RayhanADev Kind of suspicious, but then again... some people work nonstop.

I remember when I worked 8-12 hours straight for ~2-3 days on a project.


@Baconman321 You have that kind of time? Luckyyyy >:(

OldWizard209 (1617)

considering this guy has loads of free time as he is waiting to go to university, he can probably make the games in a week. @novaflippers


@OldWizard209 Ah I see

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@RayhanADev , I code for about 5-6 hours a day and worked on this on my local server a while back. I just released three projects quite rapidly. I'm going to make a platformer next.

RayhanADev (2606)

@LeviathanCoding nonono why does everyone think I'm accusing you smh
I'm saying it's cool that you're a really fast at developing :D

LilKid7129 (50)

@Baconman321 how u got so much time. 2nd of all everygame is bad in repl it unless u its minecraft or a gun game :l

Baconman321 (1103)

@wasuiscool Not really...
Btw I'm making a space game rn!

wish I could understand the math for it tho :sob:

LilKid7129 (50)

ooh @Baconman321 tell me when u are done i will test it for u xd

Baconman321 (1103)

@wasuiscool K

I really wish that I will learn the math more. If I do then I may finish it faster (or actually finish it) :/

LilKid7129 (50)

@Baconman321 ngl i search up stuff on google... im noob XD


wow bruh how do u make these things so good with the graphics as well ;-;

just a few problems that whipping dot listed so I'm not going to write them again

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

Plz dont spam post bc you look at dis pic:



sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@B1gB0i , I'm not spamming. It's everyone that keeps them trending.


@B1gB0i they're not spamming, its just they're posts get trending by everyone

IMightBeMe (33)

You can't complain that someone is just good at making things people like. It's ok if he shares his projects because if you are proud of something, you would want to share it with the world. @TheC0derGirl


@IMightBeMe when was i complaining?

IMightBeMe (33)

Apologies, i seem to have replied to the wrong person. Sorry @TheC0derGirl .


@IMightBeMe thats ok :)

FlaminHotValdez (715)

ouch fps game, that which I suck at

eh I just don't like this genre of game in general bc of the turn-around mechanic and I get dizzy :/

pizzaharald (8)

i fell though every single wall

JWZ6 (711)



noice gaems

JWZ6 (711)

wa yayeet or something @B1gB0i

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

@JWZ6 yuo and me ate apricot


@B1gB0i pls stop

Myztiq (22)

dude. how do you freaking code so fast. it seems like you literaly just slam you face against the keyboard and REALLY freaking good code comes out. i would say that you literally do nothing else in your day but this freaking counts as something. GREAT JOB MAN

ch1ck3n (2351)

@Myztiq yeah how does he code so fast lol

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@Myztiq , I code for about 6 hours a day.

98137 (1)

oh baby a triple

KY246 (1)

This is great! I somehow end up on top of the roof sometimes. (likely due to a glitch?)

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@KY246 , there's a glitch sometimes that I don't know how to fix.


Noice game man, this is a great game

Tho I want to ask you something.

How did you learn p5, and to make this game

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@novaflippers , I learned Processing.js first on Khan Academy and then slowly converted to P5.js since it's faster and better.

JamesXin (15)

Shotgun is a bit buggy, but I'm assuming you put some sort of interval between shots for the weapons. Otherwise great stuff my guy!

LeviathanCoding (1601)

@JamesXin , thanks. I did use intervals for weapon firing.

jcfjfc (1)

how do u get diffrent weopons?

JWZ6 (711)

@jcfjfc read the instructions

xMisbahx (20)

A few things i would suggest:

I was playing in full screen, but the weapon is kinda far from the actual player. maybe make it closer?
This one is a suggestion: as well as having the sight go left to right, maybe have it go up and down to?


LeviathanCoding (1601)

@Misbah0318 , I couldn't do the looking up and down for some reason. Thanks for the feedback, btw.

Baconman321 (1103)

@LeviathanCoding Use threejs instead, it deals with three dimensional space much better and also deals with most of the math required...

TheodoreGardine (0)

great game! the only issue I have with it is how dark it is and how sometimes the player clips through walls. very well impressive though!

KhShahid (13)

how to use the shotgun

TheInventor999 (0)

There is a glitch. It is very hard to navigate and that the walls are not solid enough.

TheCoder333 (0)

Mabey there could be a level select

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

I jumped around it, and my jump stopped mid air, causing me to fall here.

iocoder (164)

good job on this its really awesome

MisterSirCode (2)

Is the game impossible? I just die on contact and dont do any damage to the enemy, even though I shoot em like 50 times as they chase me into the hallwar. No offense, but an impossible game isnt a fun game.

SilvermoonCat (458)

@WiiU um?? please stop spamming my notifications thanks

WiiU (0)

Just needed to find you, wont for somereason add searching for users which is inconvient

SilvermoonCat (458)

@WiiU uhm why did you need to findme

TalM1 (0)

is it just me or is the camera following the gun and not where it should be?

IGamer123 (80)

This is rly cool but can you make it less creepy

MingYuChen1 (3)

So you have an account on here and also on KA

MeeraAl (16)

its taking forever to load

yasku22 (0)

Nice Job! I love playing this but one thing that you could fix would be not falling of bc whenever I'm retreating from the robot things I just fall of the platform and it makes me restart that whole level.