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Project Ideas Forum
IMayBeMe (473)

Project Ideas Forum

Ever wanted to code but couldn't come up with any ideas? This website is designed to exactly solve that problem! On this website, you can post project ideas which other people can use for inspiration when looking to code something. You can also see who posted an idea as this project uses repl auth which was really fun to try out.

Here are the features:

  • Repl auth for every post
  • Users can post their ideas and categorize it based on language
  • Users can collapse certain languages that they are not interested in by clicking on the header
  • Moderators(Currently me and @IMightBeMe) can easily delete posts that are deemed irrelevant within the website. (Only mods can see the delete option so it won't be in normal user's way)
  • Nice CSS to format the website with a modern look
  • A cool 404 page which was made for fun
I probably will get a million comments saying that I shouldn't group C, C++, and C# into one category, but it would probably affect the speed quite a bit.