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Prodigy Hacks!
Tsadema (54)

Prodigy Hacks

you know, that game with the talking monsters, "math", Noot, and whatnot

These are some hacks for Prodigy. Some kick you into offline mode (so you'll be lonely), some make you OP, and all are cool.

This is still a WIP, so I will add more in the future.

This is forked from GitHub. I'm sharing it on repl so more people can see.



Tsadema (54)

tHeSe ArEn'T fAkE i PrOmIsE

KIEV1111 (0)

how does this work please i beg!

KIEV1111 (0)

how do i do this?

GabrielMartin33 (0)

please can you add a lot of titan shards to my account please i beg you please

DarrenHayes (0)

how do i get all epics