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Procedural Map Generation v1.01 || Update!!!
Funkus (238)

Hello! I'm back with a cool project

It's a map generator in java using the Perlin noise algorithm

Map Generator


  • Now snow/ ice can spawn on water!

Features Include:

  • Water (blue)
  • Land/ Grass (green)
  • Mountains/ Cliffs (gray)
  • Snow/ Ice (white)

Comming Soon:

  • Sand
  • Badlands/ Deserts (not Desserts) lol
  • Houses
  • Ability to Change the map's area
  • And more of your suggestions !!!
EpicGamer007 (1752)

Good job. I like how you used a GUI.

Also just asking, you can decline if you want. Do you want to work on a project together? Like in Swing? I am really bored and you seem to be good with algorithms. Thanks.

Funkus (238)

@AbhayBhat oh I'm currently helping someone with a multiplayer game in python, and I am working on a global chat server. I'll help you right after I'm done with both (it won't take long)

EpicGamer007 (1752)

@Funkus, Just curious but is the chat server in java?

Also, Ok Thanks! I feel really bored right now lol. I think we could make a game, I know how to use spritesheets, and we could use the game loop you see in all those youtube tutorials.

Funkus (238)

@AbhayBhat ok cool then! And the chat server is in javascript(UI in HTML and css)

Funkus (238)

@AbhayBhat we can a make a game :)

EpicGamer007 (1752)

@Funkus, Congrats on 100 Cycles! So fast as well...

EpicGamer007 (1752)

@Funkus, here for later when you are ready: I edited it so that random people cannot join

Funkus (238)

@AbhayBhat I just realized that lol. I will make a cycle special soon. Thanks :)

AphixDev (211)

@Funkus Multiplayer game w/ Python? That sounds TOUGH

StringentDev (233)

@Funkus i talked to the person whom we are helping about the communication issues and that we need more communication than we have.

everyday: what are we doing.

(in business terms, it leads to unsatisfactory motivation or confusion which can make a whole company or team collapse)

CodingGoose (698)

Nice! you could add oceans and beaches/islands and forests in the future

SriramManikand1 (10)

You can probably add houses/ civilization to make it realistic

Funkus (238)

@SriramManikand1 And what color should it BE?

SriramManikand1 (10)

@Funkus probably brown (color of bricks I guess)

iocoder (164)

I'm just saying, but this is a very crazy seed: 1595370595659,
And great job!

realTronsi (928)

If you drag around the screen some weird stuff starts happening

Abhinav0 (1)

I made a reskinned "Hell" version of this generator. This is not meant to demean your work.

Abhinav0 (1)

@Funkus thanks m8, haven't used java, but imma try to make it the nether and end from minecraft

adl212 (172)

Nice! How did you make it so good? Don't answer lol

Funkus (238)

@AyeshaSiddiqui thanks, upvote if you liked it :)

CodingRobot12 (182)

This is a very cool terrain generator. I am continuing to work on my search engine. Do you want me to add this?



Funkus (238)

@GoofyGus Thanks, can upvote if you liked it!