This is a very simple stopwatch. Please tell me if there are any bugs or improvements.

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SixBeeps (5152)

Pretty solid. You should learn about string concatenation, though. That'll come in handy for formatting it instead of just having it be vertical.


I know. But can you show me a quick summary of it right now? @niorg2606

SixBeeps (5152)

@CodeABC123 Sure.

print("string1" + "string2")

will output something like:


You can use this to combine strings or other things that can be converted to strings. For example,

fav = 7
print("My favorite number is " + str(fav))

will print out

My favorite number is 7

And, you can concatenate more than just two things at once as well:

name = "Six"
food = "potatoes"
print("My name is " + name + " and I like to eat " + food)

will give you

My name is Six and I like to eat potatoes

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: int and str @niorg2606

SixBeeps (5152)

@CodeABC123 Sorry, concatenation is a standard function in all programming languages, but I'm a little too used to the Java/C# way of doing it, so Python is a bit different than what I'm used to :)
You need to surround integers with the str() function to turn it into a string before concatenation. See fixed code above.


TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable @niorg2606

SixBeeps (5152)

@CodeABC123 str is already built-in to the python language, so you don't need to import them I don't think


But it shows error. @niorg2606

SixBeeps (5152)

@CodeABC123 Can you show me exactly what code you put in? It seems to work fine on the repl above.


Okay, I changed the Repl code to the error code. @niorg2606

SixBeeps (5152)

@CodeABC123 Remove both import int and import str as both are already built into the language.