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Powerful encryptor
ebest (663)

This encryptor is extremely powerful. It uses 3 encryptors layered over each other, with 1 that is just a key you input. It uses a random substitution cipher, a rotary cipher, and a simple symbol cipher/substitution.
The rotary cipher came from here:
Hope it works well for you!
This only works sometimes now. Don't understand why.

1Ethan (8)

@ebest sure is powerful! (I realise this isn't the sole purpose of encoding, just intrigued)

ebest (663)

@1Ethan it's more powerful then that. Part of that passphrase is just a key for one of the ciphers.

ebest (663)

@ebest Huh. never thought of using it like that...

TomasHarld (2)

oof vnm i should have ran it first lol

TomasHarld (2)

Wow are you going to mak a decrypter for that cause if so id love to include this in my project pynodeOS

pyelias (2364)

This looks easy enough to break. You could just run sdecrypt on it, then put it through a standard substitution cipher solver.

Actually, after taking another look at it, the changing substitution every 5 characters is the strongest part. It's still breakable if you get more than about 300 characters though.

It's possible to break everything expect possibly the last few words most of the time, since you change the encryption every 5 words instead of characters. You can just run each 5 word chunk through a solver.

Here's a program that does it (not very well sometimes):

ebest (663)

what's the dict.txt for? just a list of all words and their frequency?

pyelias (2364)

@ebest Yeah, its to break the substitution cipher more effectively.

jasonthename (2)

Woah wow bro lit. I tried it with one digit incorrect key and its still random. Powerful encryption man....

StealthySniper (8)

@jasonthename That is a standard in most modern ciphers. Some other old ciphers such as the caesar cipher are also "random" after you change the key a little.


Well what would you like to name yor encryption techniche
So i can give it a home in my operating system olso sell this to the government