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Potion Hospital
426729 (185)

You are a patient in a hospital where all the medicine labels have been mixed up. Each medicine has a name and a description: For example, "Healthy Lemonade". But the labels got messed up, and now only the first letter of each word in the medicine names are shown. Use logic and luck to choose the medicines that will lead you to a full recovery!

Spagettidog (0)

i have no idea how 2 play....>=(

TimmyChen1 (132)

I love this, the names are hilarious!

NicholasChorett (2)

good game, but i think it needs to be a little harder, like im at 700+ health so... lol

426729 (185)

@nicholaschorett: Have you beaten the game yet? You win at 1000 health. Maybe I should make the game a bit shorter and a bit harder, so that more potions are dangerous but you have less health to go. Would that be better?

Brandaboss (89)

I died. Potions will help me!