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Potato Jams - A Code Competition site thing poggers
ch1ck3n (1618)

ok ok ik there's already the official jams and whatever this is:

But I wanted to do it too

Heading 3


Potato Jams

with fun topics every (almost) 3 days, and a 1-week timeframe to complete a challenge, it's a beautiful, fun, and pog way to learn how to code!

Features auth

A home page

Easy-to-use GUI

Non-so-easy interface for me

Potatoes everywhere

A favicon


No known bugs yet, tell me if you find one

But why is this better than the other jams?

Because it's a potato, and there's more competition than any other one.

Also its quite buggy

I'm still yet implementing the time countdown thingy-majigy, don't get mad

ch1ck3n (1618)

Ok sorry there was a bug i fixed it

RohilPatel (1534)

Name: Mr. Pog
Reason: Poggy

also, hi

(Cool proj btw)