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Posts board in Flask!
Dart (1186)

after a few days of work and tweaks I’m finally ready to share this

This is kind of like repl talk but it’s off topic so you can really talk about whatever you want

It’s not 100% polished but it is fully functional

Look at posts here

I’m still working on it so expect tweaks

Posting it to talk is really just a way to test and see if this works

To sign up go here

It will email you the code to verify your account

Rules are here

Report anything to [email protected] until I add a way to report stuff that’s how I’m going to be handling reports

There are admins and moderators represented by the symbol next to their name when they post (hover over the symbol to see what it means) or by going to their user page ( and seeing if admin or moderator is true

Please follow the rules and be respectful and enjoy :)


Bookie0 (5988)

I can has special role pls? Dis one --------> 🤔


JacobMcPherson1 (194)

the only email I have is my school email and my school blocks emails from anyone who isn't from the school :(