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Popup exploit
tussiez (1640)

(You'll have to enable popups for this to work though..)
Most of the time, only one scripted popup is allowed to open in Chrome. Works fine!
I thought...

could you close and open other TABS?
Yes! You can! So, I wrote a script that opens and self-closes copies of itself that opens popups. This is pretty basic, but it is a nuisance as the windows close particularly fast (thankfully I added a 1000 ms delay) and as long as they keep opening, popups do too! To make it worse, the position of the popups keep changing to make it more difficult to click the X on the windows individually.

Fortunately, as a saving grace, you can Ctrl/Command + Shift + T Ctrl/Command + W to close tabs.


I knew what would happen but my internet didn't load it fast enough so I closed it.

tussiez (1640)

@TheLimifiedCode, I recently added a delay just in case somebody's not fast enough to close it. I might actually remove the delay though, but most of the reason I added it was for the audio to sync in the popup.

firefish (947)

I saw that...

BTW, great program!

NoelB33 (351)

I’m on safari so there’s always a pop up saying “website would like to open a pop up” :)

firefish (947)

@NoelBryan lucky you didn't get rickrolled then

Coder100 (18059)

lol nice hack!
Took me 1 minute to finally close the tab lol