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Pong - Remake
SingularityV3 (39)
A remake of the popular Pong game!
Player 1 - W and S (Left paddle)
Player 2 - up and down arrows (Right paddle)
First to 10 points wins! (Click the "Restart Game" button to play again)

GregoireCASADEV (2)

very good game playde 8 hours with my freinds

jdw136 (8)

This is a really great game, but there is one main issue. The one paddle doesn't ever move which isn't really a big deal, but if you score on that paddle then the code will force the ball to go into the other side on an infinite loop. Or at least until that player automatically wins.

nJacobSonney (1)

@jdw136: one is controlled with wasd and the other is controlled by arrow keys