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PolyphonyPreview (for chromebooks)
Crosis (277)

Complete credit goes to @19wintersp, as they did 99.999% of it. here is the original. Say hello to the first vc on replit (for Chromebooks), with your very own chatrooms, and public and private chat rooms.
Please do not use profanity on here.

in order to use the text chat, you have to go here

RohilPatel (1535)

Now this is one heck of a project. I don't like some things..

  1. Add css...ugh some elements here aren't that great
  2. Use a different font, as it can grab a users attention


  3. User accounts; that alert is very annoying

  4. Saved messages
  5. Moderation permissions and etc
badst (640)


you know the rules, and so do i

RohilPatel (1535)

Argh lol...also forgot to upvote this post...I'll do it rn! @pepelaugh

19wintersp (1120)

@RohilPatel I created the original, all this does is remove the thing which stops chromebooks from using it. (It is not "the first VC on replit", mine is) I will try to implement these fixes, but the main project (Polyphony) is going to be much bigger, about the size of Discord, with channels, roles, moderation, servers, emoji, security, acceptable appearance, spam prevention, permanent messages, DMs, etc. Just to be clear though, I'm not angry about this.

Crosis (277)

@19wintersp Sorry, I just wanted to make sure that Chromebook users could have access to this!

19wintersp (1120)

@Crosis You can access it though, using UA Switcher. (Unless your organisation thinks you shouldn't be using these sites) Don't be sorry, it's MIT, you're free to fork it.

19wintersp (1120)

Thanks for taking interest in this! Can I just ask that you link to the original? (Also, it looks like you tried to block Windows 10 users. First, why? Second, it doesn't work)

Crosis (277)

@19wintersp I wasn't trying to block windows 10 users, just getting rid of the Chromebook blocking

19wintersp (1120)

@Crosis Ok, just remove the code then...