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🗳Polling App | AmazePolls🗳 - Vote On The Best Language

🗳Polling App | AmazePolls🗳

Hi guys i made a polling app, or a voting app, whatever. So first thing. i've been seeing a lot of argument about what the best programming language was, so i decided to make this app. it's also for learning, but whatever. anyway, here, you can vote on what YOU think is the best language ever. At the end, we will see what the real best language is.


  • View polls
  • Vote
  • Check the results
  • Instructions

Top Languages

I will be updating this section every day to check what the best language is.

empty for now

Create polls

There is not an exact feature for users to create polls, but, here's the thing. you can comment on what question you want posted, and what choices you want for your poll, and i will make it for you. Here's an example.

What is this?

  • voting app.
  • polling app
  • garbage app.

like that

You need to list it out like that. you don't need the * symbols, but just list it out like 1 or 2.

Feedback And Suggestions

Upvotes and suggestions would be appreciated. Hope you like the app.


PING: @cooolcoder - He wanted me to ping him, when i posted this.

Cooolcoder (102)

is this the basic polling app in django? did you get the tutorial from here: Polls app ?
Oh, i'm asking this because i'm learning django.
I'm just trying to make the first app. (Django is really hard at first, but I think I can complete the app.)


@Cooolcoder uh no, i used my own brain to make apps. any apps. i don't use tutorials or anything. but what app are you making?


@Cooolcoder no i didn't learn from there. or i didn't copy anything from there.

Cooolcoder (102)

@RYANTADIPARTHI yes I know, I said that I went there to learn,

Cooolcoder (102)

@RYANTADIPARTHI I wanted to learn django because of you, I'm like "omg ryantadiparthi makes awesome apps I want to try them too"

CodingRedpanda (180)

hard choice
i am stuck between python and javascript

cool site

msgaalex (35)

How cool is this?

  1. Awesome!
  2. Cool.
  3. Meh :/
  4. None of the above

@msgaalex ok, i'll add it. EDIT: done!

msgaalex (35)


EDIT: I only voted once, and I voted AWESOME!!!

Squirrel777 (138)

please add a feature where you can only vote once because there are over 50 votes!


@Squirrel777 yeah, i should. but since i'm admin, i know if they are fake votes, or not.

MarcusWeinberger (774)

This is pretty cool! I like the design and it functions well

Whippingdot (573)

What nonsense is this:

Whippingdot (573)

Why so much python? And why no JS. BTW sry but I spammed so C++, JS, HTML, and CSS would have at least some votes @RYANTADIPARTHI


@Whippingdot no, that's the way it goes. people didn't vote for them.

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@RYANTADIPARTHI @Whippingdot Something is wrong though... last time I checked, CSS had 16 votes. Now it has 5.

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

Nice, but maybe add an "other" option? My favorite programming language isn't on there...

EpicGamer007 (1644)

@fuzzyastrocat what is your favorite language?

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@EpicGamer007 Well, it's a close tie between C and Haskell, but neither are available!

EpicGamer007 (1644)

@fuzzyastrocat sad c is pretty cool. osdev, langdev, pretty cool stuff dev. tho im sad java only has one vote(by me)

EpicGamer007 (1644)

@fuzzyastrocat well tbh i think js is my favorite lang now cuz of node

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Could you add Haskell? I'd rather vote for that.


@fuzzyastrocat ok. also, css never had 16 votes.

msgaalex (35)

@EpicGamer007 Don't worry, I voted Java! (49 times)


@msgaalex i can remove it btw. please don't spam.

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Thanks! However, you must be mistaken. I myself added those 16 votes to css (to see if a single person could vote for the same thing multiple times), so I know that they existed at some point.

msgaalex (35)

@RYANTADIPARTHI Sorry man, I was just seeing if it worked and it did, you might wanna remove the feature of voting several times, or whenever you hit vote again, it takes away your previous vote so you can switch your vote or something. Just an idea.

JBloves27 (1729)

Really cool! Maybe add a multiple choice or more polls?


@JBYT27 thanks! do you want your poll in there? you can tell me what you want.

GeumjuKim (18)

did you wanna ping coolcoder or cooolcoder because it says cooolcoder with 3 o's.

GeumjuKim (18)


by the way, you should make it so that you can't vote for t he same thing multiple times. I did python 100 times because I was bored

TalinSharma (71)

Cool but maybe don't allow for voting again... I brought python from 12 to 17...

InvisibleOne (2681)

Umm, you might want to fix this:

InvisibleOne (2681)

Whoops, the video didn't upload, anyways, you can vote again and again so you should probably make it so people can only vote once. @RYANTADIPARTHI