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Pokemon Game 2.0
alexeboy (32)

This is a WIP Pokemon game.
Warning: Only Attacking Moves Work (Tackle), DONT use growl, it will probably crash.

I would appreciate feedback and how to implement a Growl function.

  • alexeboy
    (it might be ab bit buggy, tell me if you find any and i will try to fix them.)
williamd1k0 (1)

Hey! You have some semantic issues. For example, if StarterPokemonChoice == "Bulbasaur" or "b" or "B": is not a valid syntax to chaining this kind of check. You can use tuples instead: if StarterPokemonChoice in ("Bulbasaur", "b", "B"):.

csbhs (2)

@williamd1k0 @alexeboy Awesome project! You might consider what all three of those things have in common when checking StarterPokemonChoice. For example, checking for the string Bulbasaur, b, and B, is really a long way of checking if the first letter of the choice was b, right? Maybe try out some string methods to slice and get the first letter and either check the uppercase or lowercase version versus the user input. Good luck!

mdjb4 (17)

Really good. Shame it's so short though. Would make it longer. More battles? More moves (shield?). V impressive (should put it up for the game jam.).

katyadee (1286)

Oh this is so fun! Cute idea. Is this just practice or are you planning to expand it at all?