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Pokemon Battle Simulator 2: Visual Version
AstrumDeorum (136)

Remember back a few months, I made a Pokemon Battle Simulator that was done with Prompts and Alerts in JavaScript.
Well, it's back, and this time it's Visual!
Generation 4 Sprites and Sounds!
DS Style Layout!
4 Choices Of Music!
14 opponents!
Health Bars!
Status Conditions: Poison, Burn, Paralysis, Confusion, and Frozen! And Unique Styling Of The Health Bar Based On The Ailment!
Realistic Battle Mechanics, like Damage being calculated exactly like the real games!
Stat Changing Moves! For simplicity's sake, all stat changers affect either Attack or Defense stats.
Potions, Elixirs, and Antidotes, to Heal, get more PP, and cure status ailments!
Complete Effectiveness Support for all relevancies!
Abilities! Some Functioning, some in progress!
Initial Turn Randomization! Meaning that there's a chance for you or the opponent to go first.
OVER 3000 Lines Of Code! My Biggest Project To Date! Considerably Larger Than Astrum's Cookie Clicker!

Please leave any feedback and suggestions!
Known Bugs:
Health Bar on the Team side does not shrink with damage
Text rolling sometimes overlap if you select something while it rolls.
If you know how to fix these, please share!


GhostKing007 (139)

Me : Mom can I get Pokemon?
Mom : We have Pokemon at home.
Pokemon at home :

Mom : You better not be playing Pokemon again!
Me : Nah, I'm on replit
Me on replit :

Really good game, the button graphics actually feel like the old school pokemon. This is amazing. You have my upvote!

AstrumDeorum (136)

@GhostKing007 Haha! That's seems about right.
I tried to get all the details right because I wanted it to be really close to the actual thing.
Some stuff was changed simply because I was running out of time (since this is a school assignment), such as the functions of Sand Attack and Focus Energy, which normally decrease target Accuracy and Increase crit ratio, respectively, so I just made them decrease target Attack and Increase user Attack, respectively.
That's probably the most significant change between this and the actual games.
Accuracy is something I always try to strive for.

GhostKing007 (139)

@AstrumDeorum - Wait, this is a school assignment? Well, I know who'll be getting the most marks in your class then lol

ElanRodriguez3 (12)

This is the best game ever.

Brother: watch doin'
Me: playing pokemon
Me: No u, this is da best game ever, u will never take it away from me >:)

ElanRodriguez3 (12)

Also, can I catch a pokemon?

AstrumDeorum (136)

@ElanRodriguez3 At the moment, no. It's a feature that's likely going to be added, but not at the moment.
I'm currently expanding the enemy libraries due to Dual Type compatibility and expanding the team libraries due to adding a 4th move.

ChopSueyMaster (49)

nice, pokemon is everywhere

ThisUserTaken (243)

i approve. very nice.

AstrumDeorum (136)

@DynamicSquid I tell you, there's no better feeling than the approval of a moderator. Thanks man!

DillonGardner (4)

Pretty good! Maybe add a battle selector or a speed up for the text? Anyway, this is an amazing game!

AstrumDeorum (136)

@DillonGardner I've been told I should make an opponent selector for Debugging.
As for Text Speed, I'd need to figure out some way to do that without messing with styling.
I tried to make a volume slider a while back but it just ruined the DS styling I'd done. So I'll figure something out.
Doing a Text speed change could also prove problematic, a lot of the setTimeouts are based not only on the Sounds being played, but also the time it would take for all text possible to run.
So the reason it currently takes a while for your damage against the opponent to go through is because it's waiting the amount of time it would likely take for the: Critical Hit, Ability, and Effectiveness messages to go through.

jcfjfc (1)

sometimes the text glitches

AstrumDeorum (136)

@jcfjfc Wait for the text to finish rolling before you press a button.
And as for other instances it's due to several things rolling text at once, I haven't quite figure out a good way to fix this yet.

Whippingdot (662)

graphics are pretty bad but I don't think I can make anything like this so...

AstrumDeorum (136)

@Whippingdot Graphics are taken straight from Pokemon Platinum. if you have an issue with the graphics of a game from the DS days, take it up with Nintendo

AstrumDeorum (136)

@Whippingdot The styles of buttons and the UI are done by me, but based off of the Pokemon Platinum UI graphics

Whippingdot (662)

lul i said i can't make anything like this - that was a compliment earlier...but now you told me you didn't make most of them so... @AstrumDeorum

AstrumDeorum (136)

@Whippingdot Well, of course I didn't make the sprites and stuff, I said in my post I got them from the games.
I coded all this myself though, the actual functionality of the program is all my doing.