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Pokemon Battle Simulator 2: Limited Event!
AstrumDeorum (142)

To celebrate the submission of this project to the teacher, a new opponent has been added to the sim:
Mew will stay in the simulator for one week!
Fight it if you dare.


In a period of time, I may create a Legendary Pokemon Simulator, for a more advanced, and more difficult version of the Pokemon Battle Simulator 2.
Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, and Regigigas.

ThanhTails (32)

a nice pokemon game

infinity21 (0)

when paralyzed, the health bar doesn't shrink

AstrumDeorum (142)

@infinity21 A known bug, the team health bar doesn't shrink at all.

RishiMohanty (11)

After the first battle, everything turns black. is that supposed to happen?

AstrumDeorum (142)

@RishiMohanty It's not a sequential game.
It fades to black signifying you won.
Refresh to play again, likely with a different opponent.

AstrumDeorum (142)

@RishiMohanty More accurately, fade to black means battle end. It happens when you lose too

elbury (5)

Why does it freeze once I win a battle?

AstrumDeorum (142)

@elbury Interesting, I'll look into it. It should fade to black signifying battle end.

AstrumDeorum (142)

@elbury It's not sequential, if you want to fight again, you have to refresh or run the program again.

Nanowrimoijk (63)

that mew is pretty OP, plus it treats a KO as a switch so you attack once then all other pokemon get one shot

AstrumDeorum (142)

@Nanowrimoijk I did somewhat intend for Mew to be an impossible encounter.
I suppose it could stand to be nerfed.

AstrumDeorum (142)

@Nanowrimoijk Mew has been considerably nerfed, and its damage has extra calculations, it divides the damage by 2.2 and rounds it down.

InvisibleOne (2974)

Cool, but it froze during the first round of fighting.

AstrumDeorum (142)

@InvisibleOne I'm currently in the progress of coding it.
The reason it froze is because it doesn't do anything yet

AstrumDeorum (142)

@InvisibleOne Fixed, it's fully functional now