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Pokemon Adventure Game
MetaMan (31)

Incomplete, but tell me what you think. Criticism is appreciated!

Nanowrimoijk (59)

hey great game so far as i have played it. love pokemon! it would be nice though if you could save your progress. also you should make it so you can actually fight the pokemon on route 1 instead of throwing pokeballs and rocks.

ThisUserTaken (237)

@Nanowrimoijk can you try out my game? just seeing what others think .-.

Nanowrimoijk (59)

looks good! though i'd say its best to not ask people to check out your game on others [email protected]

360539 (0)

my friend fixed your program .

The indents on the program aren't correct and it can't compile without fixing them. Some slight spelling errors as well, like on line 41. Also the sleep statements make it take a bit to go through. On 183 you try to use an int in a string and that needs to be fixed with commas instead of +. Otherwise it looks good for what you have.

MetaMan (31)

@360539: Thank you very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

MetaMan (31)

@360539: So do you think I should get rid of the sleep statements? I have them there so the text does not just clump up and the reader can read it at a more reasonable pace, like in the games.

haya (9)

I'm hitting some errors, I would love to play this game once you fix the errors. You can update us here on the comments thread, once it is ready and fixed.

MetaMan (31)

@panniu: please dont leave comments drawing attention to your game if you're not even going to like this one. Believe me, I really like your game and think it is way more advanced than mine and fun to play.

panniu (49)

@metaman: Yeah I liked your game too!

MetaMan (31)

@heerokdas: where did you find it?

DominykasGavril (0)

@metaman: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 236
IndentationError: unexpected indent

MetaMan (31)

@dominykasgavril: thank you. I will fix it. Check back soon! :)