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NEW UPDATE: Traders are here! (full changelog at the bottom)

I've created a game called TextRPG. It's a roguelike, turn-based dungeon crawler, with infinite randomly generated floors. This game is still in the early stages (this is the first "playable" update), so the interface is a bit unpolished. It would be great if people could report bugs, and stay tuned for the next updates! (btw if u wanna report an error/crash please include the error message it makes it so much easier for me to track down said error with the output)

DISCLAIMER: The save system doesn't seem to work here. If you want to save your games, please fork this code into your own repl and run from there.

If you want to report any problems, ask any questions, or simply just wanna chat about the future of the game, feel free to join my discord server: It would be greatly appreciated!

Important Info

Terms of use: You are allowed to use this code for personal use only, that means that you can modify the code all you want, but you are not allowed to distribute it either commercially or non-commercially. This is because I want to release this as a fully fledged game in the future.


It seems that the interface of the game is more complicated than I thought!
I guess I'll describe how it works.
The dungeon is made of a series of floors, which are generated with rooms every time you descend down the steps.
There are 5 different types of rooms:

  • U: This is a staircase going up. Use the "Continue" option while in this room to go up the stairs (you can't go up if you're on floor one!)
  • D: This is a staircase, you guessed it, going down! Works similarly to the "U" stairs. You can still go down the stairs even if you haven't explored the entire floor.
  • F: This is a "fight" room. Here you will find an enemy to fight, and enemy difficulty is based on your current floor.
  • L: This is a loot chest! You will always get one food item from the chest and a 1/3 chance of getting a weapon. The loot of lowest quality has the highest chance of dropping, while high quality loot is quite rare!
  • T: This is the "trader" room. Traders will either be a grocer or blacksmith. You can buy food from the grocer or buy weapons and repair your weapons at the blacksmith!
  • Traversing through the rooms is quite easy! When you have the chance, choose the "Continue" option, and you will be shown a map of your floor. Choose the options to move in the four directions. On the map, each letter represents a room. A room of colour orange/yellow means it is unexplored. Green is explored, and red is where you are currently at.
    Every 10 floors, the size of the floors increases and the quality of loot improves!
    Have fun grinding infinitely!

Early Access Update 1 Changelog:

  • Traders have been added! A trader will be either a grocer or a blacksmith. You can buy food from the grocer. You can buy weapons and repair your weapons at the blacksmith. Each trader will have a range of stock to sell!
  • A bunch more content has been added! Grind for more weapons, eat a wider range of food, and face more enemies! Check the code for all the additions! Thanks to
    for helping me out with this.
  • A bug has been fixed where the game could crash while moving floors beyond floor 9
  • Fixed a bug where the options list would disappear after eating while fighting an enemy
  • Fixed a bug where player position would not reset after death
  • Some QoL additions: Health now shows on top of eat screen, Current floor is now shown in stats, Current enemy info is shown at the top of the fight options screen
  • Your gold count is now halved upon death (still slightly buggy :/)
  • Escape chance is now 25% instead of 50%, and when you escape from an enemy, you will have to fight it again if you re-enter the room
    I can confirm that the next update will be centred around the introduction of armour, inventory management, and bosses. Hopefully a new save system as well, so it will work on this post!
2 years ago
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