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h3rb (2)

Two man team developing "PluralLang", a serious attempt to provide some additional class-related vocabulary support to C++ and other languages that implement OOP.


About Plurality:

We've suffered some setbacks in the lex/yacc area. Something to do with cyclomatic complexity crushing us at every turn. Here's where we were at -- at least the cpp version allows you to experiment.

We focused entirely on the language document to get out our ideas, though. Considering writing a basic C++ preprocessor in C++ that handles the PluralLang keywords and structures (would be easier for us than to do lex/yacc, it seems)

Any thoughts? With only a few days left, the fastest way to "get back in the prototype game" would be for us to ditch python PLY for a C++ utility.

Lead Researcher: H3rb @h3rb
Support Consultant: Bi11 @WilliamOToole

DynamicSquid (4631)

I really like the name "Plurality", well done!