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Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
sugarfi (630)

Disclaimer: This post is not intended towards anyone particular, and I do not mean to offend anyone.
Cycles are not the point of is designed to be a collaborative IDE where people share their code and get help with it. Sure, it's nice to get upvotes and have people like your code, but that is not the point of the site What is especially not the point of the site is for people to beg for cycles and celebrate getting more of them. This is not Youtube! Cycles are supposed to be a measure of how much people like your code, not how good you are at begging for them. Unfortunately, it seems like this is what is happening. Just today, over half of the repls on trending and hot were cycle specials. Not to say that community is a bad thing. The community is a really great group of people, who are capable of writing great code. Cycles are meant to reflect that: people write good code, other people like it, and the cycles just measure how many good projects you have made. But then things like "tHiS iS mY 1500 cYcLe SpEcIaL pLeAsE uPvOtE" come and mess up the whole system. Cycles on have no meaning, really: it's just a unit of measurement. It's not meant to be a thing that is celebrated; you aren't meant to write code just so people will upvote it. Even just begging for upvotes on your normal posts reflects this to an extent. People should just write code to write it, and then share it if they want to. That is the whole point of As I said before, is not a place to beg and grovel for cycles just so you can have a little number next to your name go up. So please stop with cycle specials. is not the place for that, and it destroys the whole meaning of repl talk. If you want to beg for and celebrate a meaningless number, go to Youtube. But if you want to write good code and share it with others, then please take what I've written into account.
Thanks, sugarfi

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Icekit (63)

Ok I upvoted but.... I have not seen poeple actually BEGGG for upvotes!

414326 (1)

tell me your favorite color plz!

Kopamed (195)


Were you trying to earn cycles by posting it? There was already a thread about this posted like 5 days before you posted this
NoelB33 (352)

This thread was not the same thing, the other one was asking why people get cycled for begging. @Kopamed

RaidTheWeb (76)

I thought you didn't like writing out long things? @sugarfi

RaidTheWeb (76)

and besides it is not like I have many cycles at all so I have no goal or anything special to look forward to.

IanPetersen (0)

I have no idea what cycles are anyway

xxpertHacker (931)

When the poster who's bashing cycles is getting cycles for doing it. And there's no code attached. :)

sugarfi (630)

@StudentFires Yeah
It might get moved or locked so i don't get anymore cycles


Totally agree with this, been thinking that myself. The thing is, I could write a fully functional static site generator on here but a website with the letter "E" as it's body will somehow get more cycles on it.

So, in my mind. Cycles don't reflect effort, you get cycles if the community likes what you made which usually tends to be a meme thing.

However, it's a different case for when it comes to answering questions. That's when cycles are earned well. As a sort of thank you.

Never really expressed what I thought though.
To quote Metallica - Who made you God to say

SushiPython (54)

Thanks for making this post. Cycles aren't the point of Repl Talk. The goal of it is to create a community where we can share our ideas, ask questions, and teach and learn from others. Really awesome, thank you.

CodeSalvageON (613)

"bUt thEy'rE fuNny!"
"iT's my bIrthday sO pLs upVote"
"u aRe a gOd hoW diD yoU maKe thIs"
"wHy caN't peOple jUst lIke anD uPvotE?"

CodingGoose (698)

I agree with your opinion.
When one of my posts got a lot of upvotes and I got on the trending board(for a few days) I cared more about the cycles than the real purpose of this website and started begging for upvotes, but now I see that this was the dumbest thing I did.

Begging for upvotes isn't good.

Jakman (451)

I think we should have a social experiment where cycles are not shown for a week to see if hot changes. Then if they do then cycles are gone for one week and you see how people are valued by every upvote on each individual post. I'm just saying I would like to see if the quality of posts
Otherwise keep cycles. I just want to see what happens if cycles are gone
and if quality posts are well in numbers.

AdCharity (1325)

Me with 1.2k cycles: You shouldn't beg for money
Others: Only the rich can afford that kind of sentiment

amasad (3536)

Hey everyone, thanks for the discussion and especially for keeping it positive. Let me try to summarize some points:

  • Cycles are cool and they signify that you're someone who contribute to the community and should be respected as such
  • Begging for cycles is kinda lame
  • "Cycle Special" is not necessarily a bad thing but you have to put effort into it. Make some thing cool, make something SPECIAL 😄

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this community and I know this discussion comes from a place of caring. So I'll leave you with this:

sugarfi (630)

@amasad ok, cool! on another note, what plans does the team have for cycles in the future? are they going to just stay like they are, or what?

DynamicSquid (5022)

@amasad Thanks for replying! Oh, I just want to clarify, what do you mean by"begging"? Is it like "PLZ UPVOTE THIS PROJECT!! PLEASE PLES PLZ!!"? Or something like "Don't forget to upvote!"? Or both?

@sugarfi I kinda don't want cycles to mean anything, then cycle farming will get 100x worse. I think the way cycles are now is fine.

amasad (3536)

@sugarfi we do have plans. You can probably go back to see some of my earlier comments on the subject but I don't want to promise anything just yet because I don't want people to get even more excited about cycles. But we do have big plans. But there are some higher priority things we're working on right now like making sure we fix all the crashes and also making multiplayer a lot better and a couple of secret projects we're working on.

Will have more to talk about this subject soon.

amasad (3536)

@DynamicSquid the first one. Second one is okay

mathmaniac88 (21)

@amasad StackOverflow reputation system

Bookie0 (6358)

Hey @amasad ,
So some people have been saying that what I say is begging; I say a form of “don’t forget to upvote” but with a rhyme: “upvoting is caring!”. So apparently some people say that it’s not okay because there’s a hidden meaning, but I however when I thought of it I meant it to be very simplle, without a double meaning.
So I wanted to know if that’s okay to say?

Thank you very much! :)

amasad (3536)

@Bookie0 yes I think that's fine.

Bookie0 (6358)

Oh ok, thank you very much for your answer! :D 😃 @amasad

EpicGamer007 (1751)

@amasad, I just wanted to say thank you for helping to create such an amazing community of coders and bringing people together. I just wanted to ask though, have you ever thought about adding a dark theme to repl. There already is a dark theme for the editor, why not the pages too?

ARJPEG (150)

@AbhayBhat There is already one (sort of)! (The reason I say 'sort of' is because it runs off an extension.)

First, download the [tamper monkey extension for chrome or this one for mozilla. Then, go to and choose the theme you want. When you select the theme, click on it and it will ask you to download a tampermoney script; do it. Finnaly you go to replit again, it should be that theme./

firefish (953)

@amasad Cool! I am right now making a game for my 100 cycles special, and it is indeed a special game. So I'm not doing anything garbage for my celebration!


after this, make a 400 cycle special

ARJPEG (150)

I completely agree.

LoneAce (221)

I quite agree with these statements to be honest. In my opinion, it's those people who keep promoting their projects in others who ought to stop and think about what they are trying to achieve. Sure, getting cycles causes dopamine to be released in your brain, but that's about it. You don't get money since this is not YouTube, and you also don't get other prizes whatsoever. I stopped using for a few months due to too much time spent coding and when I come back I see a lot of these attention seekers. The main purpose to coding is to solve problems or give pleasure to others who play your code (For games specifically). For those attention seekers out there, consider this before posting your next 'Upvote this' project.

rediar (524)

Yes I agree. Talk is for sharing code. The repl you shared has absolutely nothing in it. Yet it gets 30 upvotes?! Look cycle specials are fine. At least they have some content with it. It doesn’t matter what the title says. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to upvote it. Simple as that. I don’t believe there is a need for this post to exist.
Thanks, rediar
(Sorry if being a little rude)

bramley (236)

Wrong board smh my head

oignons (68)

Sugarfi: Don't beg for cycles
Also Sugarfi: Top of trending
jk :) I like how you put it, but the specials, they are ok, as long as something good is inside. Begging for upvotes and joke posts are a huge turnoff for me on repl talk. Also, if I comment on your post, saying nice start, or something like that, I don't like when OPs reply, asking for me to upvote. So a trick that has worked for me is to upvote initially, then once the project in question gains traction, take away the upvote. I don't do this with everything, just ones where i feel forced to upvote something I don't think is "worthy" of an upvote.

ChezCoder (1606)

Yes, I agree with this, but it's become such a biased thing that we use to judge people with, there is still going to be stigma. A few weeks ago, I decided to test this theory and reposted some of my items, like the XMLHttpRequest tutorial, or my php chatroom. If you go ahead and check my profile for the earliest posts (where you can find the first version of these posts), they got close to no upvotes. But, if you went ahead and checked the more recent versions, they actually got a pretty good amount of cycles. I know what you say is true and all that, but it's been around for so long, that people are starting to treat these things as more of a "reputation" than "cycles".

Embedded77 (2)

this is clearly the perfect category for that

HahaYes (1869)

Cycles are yummy


I agree with this. It can also hurt other people like me (with less cycles) when people brag about how many cycles they have. #smallcyclegang

oignons (68)

@johno1566 #slowcyclegang, i have had this account for 3 years, and almost 200 cycles, so it's weird when i see people who get thousands of cycles in a month.

cough cough @CodingCactus cough cough(jk, i like your posts)
DynamicSquid (5022)

@ipastrano I remember he got 500 cycles in a week

oignons (68)

@DynamicSquid ye, and the month leaderboard shows that they got 1000+ in a week

CodingCactus (4326)

@ipastrano @DynamicSquid lol, just make good, fun posts. I spend waaayyyy to much time on this website as well, I would not recommend spending the same amount of time on here as i do. One day, I literally spent the whole day sat on repl talk waiting for ask questions to answer.

DynamicSquid (5022)

@CodingCactus you're on your path to 2000! I remember when you didn't even have 500

oignons (68)

@CodingCactus lol, I do like the posts you make though


I also agree its about showing how creative and awesome we are at coding

henryeth (188)

Personally I am here mainly to look at others' code to try to learn to code better while trying to help them improve their game concepts. I agree with this a lot.

DynamicSquid (5022)

I agree with that your saying, but I have a little bit of a different perspective...

I see cycles as motivation to keep going, but not as a barrier. I'll still post fun stuff even if none of my projects get any cycles. But if my projects do well, then that's great, I might even make a similar project for fun.

Also about the "x amount of cycles special" projects, I don't really see anything wrong with that, however you need to have a decent project attached. I agree with you that you can't have an empty post, even if it's to celebrate your cycles.

In the end, I think everyone has a different perspective about cycles. If you don't care about them, and only care about posting code, then sure, you do that. But if you pay attention to cycles, and actually care about getting lots of them, then sure, go with that - as along as you have decent code attached.

Bookie0 (6358)

Hey, I agree with what you said, it kind of summarized the different “sides”. @DynamicSquid

MrEconomical (2302)

@DynamicSquid The issue I have with this is what is considered "decent" may not always be the same for each person. Some people just post a crap ton of low-effort posts in order to farm cycles which is a big issue, but then they can just claim the content is "decent" because coders have varying skill levels.

DynamicSquid (5022)

@MrEconomical oh yeah true. I guess "decent" is relative to the poster, but I guess "decent" is referring to the average of the community in a sense.

MrEconomical (2302)

@DynamicSquid then what would be your opinion on this post?
certainly this person was not trying to farm cycles, but would his content be considered "decent" as a community average?

DynamicSquid (5022)

@MrEconomical Oh yeah, I remember seeing that post before. I still can't wrap my head around it. Well what I meant by decent if that a beginner would consider it good, an average coder would consider it good, and a good coder will consider it good. Like, I don't want to get to concrete with the definition, but just use common sense I guess. Sorry for the confusion

xxpertHacker (931)

@DynamicSquid Usually, the more you're capable of, the higher standards you have. You're at least an average coder, right? Did you consider that good? I can say with certainty, I'm a good coder, do I look at a low level project and say it's good? Usually not, but can I tell if the coder(s) made a lot of code, mut in plenty of time, and overall worked hard? Easily, it's easy to tell the difference when someone allocates plenty of time to complete something and puts in hard work, and when someone writes 10 lines and posts it. (Don't get me wrong, I have seen some good code that could fit on 10 lines).

theangryepicbanana (1699)

If you make a bigger deal about cycles/upvoting than the code itself, you really shouldn't post it tbh.

DynamicSquid (5022)

@theangryepicbanana well, as long as you actually have a decent code attached, then it should be fine

sugarfi (630)

@DynamicSquid not necessarily. If all you want to do is beg for upvotes, then I agree that you should not post. If you just want to get your code out there, that's fine.

DynamicSquid (5022)

@sugarfi well, I guess over begging for upvotes is bad, but if the code is good, then it still is fine to me.

You know, this is actually an interesting conversation. I would actually like to hear what some mods have to say about this. Maybe pin some?

DynamicSquid (5022)

@theangryepicbanana oh, oops lol. I wasn't really watching where I was commenting. Umm... maybe some other mods?