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Play GTA 5 in text
PattanAhmed (1411)

Play GTA 5 in text

Version 1

Hey everyone.

After a lot of trials, 950+ lines, I finally like to introduce my new game called GTA 5 (in text).
Basically, this is like playing GTA 5 in text.

This game has 5 places over the map. obviosly real GTA will have more... And all the places are tested without any errors.

How to play:-

  1. Choose from the map.
  2. Every wrong input may lead back to the map.
  3. Every move that you take will decrease 5 health.
  4. More information about the places will be given after you choose the place.
  5. Make a smart choice when you are under an arrest.
  6. You can check your money, health, inventory from Profile Check.

Any errors, bugs, typos, feedbacks are most welcome in the comments.
Also, don't mind my silly code, lol

Not everything you will get in places isn't the same every time. It may be different for the second choose (I mean all the things that you choose are random for every place).

A hack:- Withdraw 100 dollars 6 times, go buy a powerful weapon, rob the bank till it reaches $2000+, buy a bed from the hospital for $2000, rent it, and you will have everything on the inventory list, and have fun. (don't forget to increase your health in between)...

The code is very simple, you can follow around so easily if you are a beginner and curious to understand the code that I wrote.

P.S:- This is just Version 1 with only 5 places. I will try to publish Version 2 with 10 places and more stuff. Watch out for that-

With that said,
Have fun,



Bookie0 (6359)

pretty cool, what about adding colors? ;)

as well as increasing the speed slowPrint!

you should also make your health/money display in the main menu

PattanAhmed (1411)

Added colors, Increased speed of SlowPrint.
About the third thing, I can do that but I think it's better to keep it as a separate choice.

Ge1G (1)

When is V 2 coming out? I can’t wait!

PattanAhmed (1411)

@Ge1G lol, good question.
I am currently working on other text-games.
So, I think it may take like 30 days or so!

Thanks for your waiting :)

MohammadB (0)

Nice its pretty good ill give you that every thing is good 10/10

ElixirAlpha (12)

You should add a login because everytime i press enter it stops and i have to restart

ConnorHedman (0)

It does not really work at all

nimahaj (0)

u need to add if there is no entry like money amount and numbers that the programm dont lock .somthing like give numbers or what u write is not right or ...

PattanAhmed (1411)

@nimahaj Uhmmm, sorry.
I didn't understand!

WilliamFang1 (5)

lol i cant equip my weapon

PattanAhmed (1411)

@WilliamFang1 cause' you have less amount of money, I guess

WilliamFang1 (5)

@PattanAhmed no i mean i bought a medium weapon but im still using the default for some reason

PattanAhmed (1411)

@WilliamFang1 oh, i get it.
It's because i didn't added any uses to Medium weapon

AnormalCoder (4)

@PattanAhmed @DartZII @JBYT27 wait about that no-asking-for-upvotes thing:
is it a rule or is it just that you guys dont like people asking for upvotes? just asking.

Silver13Soul (9)

GLITCH: if you hit the enter button twice, it will give you a game over.

PattanAhmed (1411)

@Silver13Soul Uhmmm, cause' you never entered an input?

ArjanNagra (0)

that was fun, I enjoyed playing through different paths for different ends

AnormalCoder (4)

can u check out my post. It's called Mastermind. plz can u upvote me?

JBloves27 (1903)

dont advertise pls, thanks! @AnormalCoder

Dart (1200)

@AnormalCoder please do not ask for upvotes, thanks!

PattanAhmed (1411)

@DartZII he/she is new to
we told them not to do!

AnormalCoder (4)

there is a bug at the end where if you exit the game it keeps spamming "exit successful" but also the game over screen. Apart from that this is pretty good stuff!

PattanAhmed (1411)

Uhmmm, Pretty well bug! but I tried to fix it. I think it may repeat how many inputs you choose. Trying to find a solution...

VulcanWM (2874)

I see you like PJO and HoO. Cool! @FlaminHotValdez

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@VulcanWM Lol u went inactive on talk for like 2 months or smthn like that, and yeah I love PJO/HOO. I'm also a big fan of Throne of Glass. I changed my username, it used to be maxyang

VulcanWM (2874)

Lmao u tracked how long I was inactive? Yeah I spent those two months working on a Greek Mythology related wiki, which I then posted on about a month ago? I’m currently working on a discord bot so not really looking at now lmao @FlaminHotValdez

VulcanWM (2874)

I use everyday but just don’t look at the posts that often @FlaminHotValdez

VulcanWM (2874)

Have you read Trials of Apollo? @FlaminHotValdez

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@VulcanWM lol ik about the WeGreek thing, ya i saw the discord

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@VulcanWM Read Trials of Apollo already, but I haven't finished the 5th book haven't gotten my hands on the 5th book. Also, if you read PJO, I recommend Throne of Glass, Hunger Games, or Divergent.

VulcanWM (2874)

Yeah I’m currently reading Hunger Games. I have a pdf of the 5th one, you want it? @FlaminHotValdez

FlaminHotValdez (712)

@VulcanWM nah I kinda lost interest in the series, I put a hold on ACOTAR and now I'm waiting.

VulcanWM (2874)

Ok. You just don’t like Apollo, or you feel Rick didn’t put that much effort in the series? @FlaminHotValdez