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Pineapple Detection System
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Recently, I have been developing a ML project for #FruitFiesta and I was thinking of using p5.js, so I started to search for a library for using it with p5.js, and yes I found one! It was the ml5js.

ml5.js is an open source project developed and maintained by NYU's Interactive Telecommunications/Interactive Media Arts program and by artists, designers, students, technologists, and developers from all over the world.

The above yapping was about the ml5js ideal usage. Using Tensorflow, you can design various ML projects like classifiers. But the only problem, I didn't know how to code using ml5js.

Literally three months later, I learnt everything from Daniel Shiffman from the Coding Train and finished my project for the #FruitFiesta.

Introducing a pineapple detector that tells you about precisely a pineapple...

This is my idea. I will continue to update my idea and get back to some game development. Hope you will like it!

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