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Pine Tree
KateGazzola (29)

This program will create a pine tree!

SudhanshuMishra (217)

why on the earth would u post this

TyGondwe (4)

I don't understand. It does not work for me

ahmedo123454 (9)

lol ima paste sme code from mine

SAO10 (18)

@ahmedo123454 dont copy paste if u do say they made it k?

ahmedo123454 (9)

I didnt fork this its good i dont fork good things

KateGazzola (29)

To everyone asking why I made a pine tree, and why this is on trending:
a) This is literally a school challenge that took me like five minutes
b) I don't why its on trending. Why are you looking at a pine tree?

ahmedo123454 (9)

@KateGazzola lol it should be a oak tree

Rishan001 (43)

It looks like a..... pine tree?

Whippingdot (570)

Hey @CodingCactus is this botted? How in the world is this trending. It has to be botted.

CodingCactus (4189)

Hey @Whippingdot please please please just use the report button

Whippingdot (570)

lul oki doki. You just seem like a really cool friend so I call on you all the time. will report next time. @CodingCactus

williham (11)

why is this on trending? it only has 3 comments and 10 upvotes

novaflippers (62)

@williham It matters on how fast you got votes. 10 votes in 3 hours is impressive

Brendan23 (139)

@KateGazzola cool, also I agree with @catspython for the random aspect.

catspython (27)

Maybe you could add a random aspect?