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Photo Filter
PYTHORE3605 (103)


VER: 1.2.0


This is a photo editor. Use the provided photos in the img folder by inputing the image number. For example, if I wanted to use image4, I would input 4. Then select if you want to use an existing filter or if you would like to make a filter. If you chose to use an existing filter, then select the filter you would like to use. If you chose to make your own filter, it will ask you for values for red green and blue to add to it. You can then chose to continue to add filters or to stop. When you are done with an image download it because when you run it again, it will delete it.


  • Dark:
    • Changes the darkness of the photo based off of the users input.
  • Light
    • Changes how bright the photo is
  • Scary
    • Changes the whole photo to be grainy and contorted
  • Grainy
    • Makes the photo look grainy
  • Color
    • Changes all the colors other then black and white
  • Black/White
    • Changes black to white and vice versa
  • Length
    • Tells you how many pixels are in that image
  • Gray

    • Takes all the color off of the image



  • More filters
  • More example photos
  • Add your own image

If you have an idea for a new filter you want to see, comment it and I will chose my favorites to make!