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Personality Test!(repost)

I was bored so I decided to build a phycology test, ikr great idea(so original). This test is about- wait im not going to tell you I want you to have a blind react. oh yeah and I forgot to say, tell me your results in the comments id love to read them! The test is called "The room" I just thought of the name on the spot so clool. Anyway gudbey have fun.
p.s. this is a repost coz i dont think anyone saw it.

Th3Coder (93)

Oh wow, this is REALLY cool! Superb!

Btw, my childhood was sad (even though I think it was happy lol)
I probably have achieved most of my goals (but I haven't)
Indeed, the phone was creepy and these times are hard! Being home 100% of the time is B O R I N G and makes me so nostalgic about my past life before the pandemic...
As for death, I feel scared about it. Is that normal?

Well, cool! Great job :)


Feeling scared is normal, When i did it I was scared aswell. and thanks alot it feels good to finally finish a project! @Th3Coder

Th3Coder (93)

@JULIODIAZ1 yeah, it sure feels good to finish a project! There's just that satisfaction that you have successfully made one :)

Well, let's live every minute of our lives!
-Joe Gardner