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Personal Information

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Personal Information PersonalInformation(String Name, String Address, int Age, int PhoneNumber) // Get the user's name. System.out.print("Gina R. Porras "); Name = keyboard.nextLine();
// Get the user's address. System.out.print("#106 Sampaguita Street, Pildera 1 Mia Road Pasay City? "); Address = keyboard.nextLine(); // Get the user's age. System.out.print("37 "); Age = keyboard.nextInt(); // Get the user's phone number. System.out.print("639158629089: "); PhoneNumber = keyboard.nextLong(); // Get the user's email address. System.out.print("[email protected]: "); Email Address = keyboard.nextLong(); }

int main () {
string name;
string city, state, zip;
string telphone;
string Email Address

return 0;


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