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Perlin noise world chat room

I made this on my own, and although i was planning to spend some time on it, I got a bit distracted and found myself with 13 hours left. I had made a bit of a physics engine but not much. So this is what i built on top of a physics engine in a night.

Use WASD to move around the map, and type a message in your text box. Choose your colour in the next box. You can see other players on the map live. Press space to throw money.

The world is generated using perlin noise and Is the same for everyone. There are three different terrains; ice, grass and dessert, on each there is a different friction. There is also wind, which you can see where there is white the wind is stronger.

I made it using express server and p5 frontend. What i got is what i got so tell me what you think. /:


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