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Performance Management
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Pros and Cons of Performance Management in Research Paper

Performance management (abbreviated as PM) is one of the functions of Human Resources Management that makes sure that the organizational goals are consistently being met by the employees in an effective way. When writing a research paper in this subject, the student must understand that this isn’t a one-time, but an on-going communication process between the workforce and their supervisor to do my assignment and help the employees do their best in executing their work-related responsibilities. It is implemented preferably as an annual cycle whereby:

  1. Objectives are set
  2. Results are measured
  3. Feedback is given on the results
  4. Results are rewarded
  5. Amendments are then made on the activities and objectives

The role of the HR official is to clearly communicate the set out targets for each employee. The emphasis is that the subordinate must be able to fully understand precisely what is being expected from him.
Whatever the topic you may choose to work on, be it – “does performance management work”, or “do individuals have control over their reward”, you must be able to research extensively and argue your viewpoint well. Since every good thing has its flipside, the student will need to discuss the pros and cons of performance management satisfactorily.