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🔥 People Go Missing Here- A text-based survival game. 🔥
CodeSalvageON (614)

Your goal is to find a key and escape the pharmacy.

This is meant to serve as a sequel to my first online multiplayer game.


HELP - Returns a list of commands.
LOOK - Look at your surroundings.
WANDER - Search for supplies and explore the pharmacy.
CHAT - Example: CHAT example would send out 'example'.
RUN - Turn corners in the dark, run away from entities.
TAKE - Take items from areas when they are present.
INVENTORY - Returns a list of items on you.
MEDICINE - Use medicine in a medicine area, or use medicine from your inventory.
EAT - Use food in a snack area, or use food from your inventory.
CAMP - Build a campsite to let other players know where you are.
GOTO - Example: GOTO 000 would send you to 000, but be prepared to meet enemies along the way.
W0 - Use your fists to fight.
W1 - Use a skewer (if present).
W2 - Use a hammer (if present).
W3 - Use a pistol (if present).
W4 - Use a carbine (if present).
W5 - Use a machine pistol (if present).
KEY - Use a key.
DISTRACT - Distract an enemy in your area and allow for a player to get away.


Step 1: First, wander around until you find a hammer- you can also get this by killing a Young Girl.
Step 2: If you can't find a hammer, fight an enemy and get a weapon.
Step 3: Wander until you find medicine and food. Use the take command regularly at medicine and food areas.
Step 4: Wander until you find a key.
Step 5: GOTO 666 (or any coordinate beginning with 6) and then use the KEY command.

Warhawk947 (524)

what does the stuffed toy do?

CodeSalvageON (614)

@Warhawk947 absolutely nothing. I was going to add some mechanics relating to it but decided against it because I was too lazy