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Pathfinding Visualizer
NeelKumar36 (1)

#Contains A*, Swarm, Convergent Swarm, Greedy Best-first, Djikstra's, BFS, DFS

Use these keybinds: (DON'T USE 5, STILL BROKEN)

A - A*


J - Djikstra's


S - Swarm

X - Convergent Swarm

G - Greedy best-first

R, C, LCTRL Are all difffernt levels of clearing

R - Complete Reset

C - Keeps start and end nodes

LCTRL - Remove only the path colors,, keeps weights, walls, and start and end nodes

1 - Random weight maze

2 - Random weight and wall maze

3 - Random wall maze

4 - Diagonal

5 - (SOON) Iterative backtracking maze