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Password Picker
MaulikMehta1 (4)

This is a simple little program that I made that generates a random password for you that is safe and easy to remember. Enjoy!
P.S:This is my first post so forgive me if something is off or wrong. :D


heckin gud job for ur first post. admittedly, my first post was a rock paper scissors game I copied from a website I was so literally dumb back then

DillonB07 (25)

Nice! Admittedly not very secure passwords, but great program!

MaulikMehta1 (4)

@DillonB07 Thanks bro this was just supposed to be a fun little project for me. Glad to hear you liked it!

JakeHu2020 (34)

Or in javascript, you can do


to get valid randomized passwords