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POPP Cats Battle - v2!
SilvermoonCat (468)

Hey! I’m reposting this after some updates/edits. >> PICTURES AT BOTTOM, Scroll down :D


@redsea7 for testing the program
@RainsongCat for testing as well!

POPP Cats Battle

made by SilvermoonCat

Welcome to the world of POPP cats! These are 4 real cats, one of them is right next to me right now.
Three cats (the Ps) belong to my friend (who's sadly not on repl :<), and one (the O) belongs to me... so here's a little something dedicated to them!

Poppy - bright and positive
Oscar - creative and clever
Pepper - intelligent and shy
Puff - energetic and ... a little crazy, but still sweet


The battles are all made by me and my friend, bc we were bored :)


In classic, I had a much more complicated code but I couldn't get it to work :/
so I just instead made you type ATTACK and if you type it wrong your chances of winning are lower.
In classic, someone is king and you try to beat them to become the champion yourself.


Cops and Robbers

If you haven't noticed, these games are inspired off of Mariokart, most of them.
This one is like Renegade Roundup ;)
Also, I like the actual game. In COVID it's really no use explaining...
Anyway, you have to catch the robbers if you're the cop, vice versa for robbers.
ah and anyway, the COLORS for team cops and robbers


I'm not going to add more outfits right now, don't complain about that.
The MarioKart set is what (apparently) Oscar uses, it's a strong weapon that costs a lot.

I'm nice so I gave you guys 200 coins to start heh

Welp the donut set is for Puff, since she loves donuts.
Don't worry-
I know chocolate is poisonous to cats, so does my friend/owner of Puff


We made up this whole POPP World, so poppy is the queen, Oscar the king, Pepper the prince, Puff the princess ;)
they're not related in real life though, at least we don't think so.
Who knows
Poppy is the cook in the family, so she will give you some food (doesn't affect you though)
I'm planning on maybe including energy points?
Oscar is a coder :D and plants fruit and berries on the POPP Farm. He will get you some fruit.
Pepper and /Puff might as well be in school at that time :>





The three cats together are the PPPs, Pepper = brown, Poppy = black/white, Puff = cream/white
Last one is Oscar :) More photos are @p_o_p_p_cats


Very cool game.
Perhaps you are thinking why I have 711 upvotes in a very short duration. Now I upvoted almost all your posts en comments!


@SilvermoonCat But why do you not really extra cycles?

fluffykitty421 (3)

this is sooo cool ! just the house is a little glitchy ; it repeatedly makes the Welcome to your house thing reappear and disappear ; i understand it's to make the fire move

nice ascii art !

SilvermoonCat (468)

@fluffykitty421 thanks! :D nice profile picture


all i have to say is

these are such cute cats.

Brendan23 (166)

@SilvermoonCat you should change classic mode its always tie.

redsea7 (1)

thx for mention this is awesome

JacobMcPherson1 (241)

I love those cats omg.
ps there's an error on line 629 in

BananaJellyfish (212)

Those cats are so cute. I'm going to get a cat soon.