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Panda003 (29)

Recreation of Pong game. AI and 1vs1 modes (More modes coming soon)
AI Mode: Use Mouse or Keyboard.
1vs1: Both players use the keyboard.
-Player 1: UP and DOWN arrows to move the paddle.
-Player 1: W and S keys to move the paddle.
If you want to pause the game just press P.
Difficult increases as you play.


coderash (286)

Could you create a 4
player version?

Panda003 (29)

@coderash You press start and select multiplayer. There you can play with your friend in the same computer

Panda003 (29)

@coderash If you are talking about 2vs2, just wait, I'm working on it.

AlexYin2 (0)

how do you make the ball reflect off the paddle can u give me the code thx

Panda003 (29)

@AlexYin2 all the code is here in the post

idrawhorsechamp (5)

Is it possible to lose?

Labscience (48)

@idrawhorsechamp If you are great at the game


the boards are too wobbly and the ball bounces before it hits the board(get your geometry and updating right). Also, game speed is too slow.

Luisfetoga (119)

@SANDIAL well, it's PyGame, so don't expect it's speed to be fast, since it's not a coding error ;)

Panda003 (29)

@SebastianCooke Its AI. Its really hard to win. Im converting this to Java to make it smoother.


@Panda003 You can just make the boards images and move the images around to make it smoother.

Panda003 (29)

@SANDIAL thank you for the feedback, i'll try to do it